About Macroblank

GM, We are Macroblank

Macroblank is an NFT asset focused fund built by creatives, entrepreneurs, artists and collectors who share the intellectual affinity for the nascent Web3 space.
CryptoPunk #2221
CryptoPunk #2221
Conviction by Messhup
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Pudgy Penguin 3295
Pudgy Penguin 3295

Our Thesis

The best way to gain exposure to the cultural paradigm shift facilitated by NFTs is owning choice pieces from the most esteemed projects.

Vision & Strategy

We believe NFTs are the founding stones for a new digital cultural paradigm shift, and the best way to gain exposure is by investing in the projects that are leading this revolution.
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We have been collecting NFTs since late 2020 and have a refined eye for emerging categories/artists while maintaining exposure in historical blue chips.